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Kolser S.L.

Commitment and quality since 1965

Since 1965 we began manufacturing gift items in an artisan way; After a while, we started with the decorative reproductions of daggers, followed by heraldic shields. 

Soon after we incorporated the copy of firearms with a simulated firing mechanism; taking utmost care of every detail of our pieces.


Kolser's trajectory in the replica of ancient weapons turns our pieces into pieces of history that have traveled the world before reaching the hands of our customers, taking maximum care of every detail of our pieces. 

We differentiate ourselves by offering the experience of connecting with a reality of yesteryear.

Today we are positioned at the highest level of quality on the market, preserving the passion of the gunsmiths of past centuries for a job well done. We do not neglect, however, the continuous improvement and modernization in the design protocols for new models, which is carried out with the highest standards, achieving that very real look that characterizes us. Likewise, we innovate in manufacturing systems and manual assembly processes to guarantee the best quality of the parts and the materials with which we manufacture them.

Funeral homes

Taking advantage of Kolser's production infrastructure, in 1989, we successfully ventured into the funeral sector, producing accessories for coffins, some of them custom designed, thus consolidating the brand at the top of the French market.

Minorcan Origin

As a 100% Menorcan company, we contribute to the development of the local economy by producing Menorcan folding chairs and soles for abarcas, a type of sandal from Menorca, which are both flagship products of the island of Menorca.


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Regarding Kolser's business framework, we may highlight the constant effort we make to reach our end consumers, as a consumer-friendly and quality brand. We accompany each and every distributor who trusts in our products in the achievement of their business goals.