Winchester expuesta

Why is Kolser's Winchester X series rifle the best replica on the market?

We may emphatically state that the Winchester X series is, without a doubt, the best replica on the market today. This is a line of rifles developed by Kolser , whose main quality is that they simulate real shots.

To learn a little about the history of its manufacturer, ' The Gun that Won the West., we must go back to 1855, the year in which Horace Smith and Daniel Wesson founded Volcanic Repeating Arms Company, its predecessor. This American company was a major player until 1980, when it fell into the hands of its employees and was renamed U.S. Repeating Arms. .

In 1989, it was taken over by a French holding company and shortly thereafter acquired by a group based in Herstal (Belgium), owner of Fabrique National (FN) and Browning International..

Features of the Winchester X series

Winchester is a gun with more than a century and a half of history that conquered the West and that, even today, remains a highly coveted piece by collectors. The X series that Kolser distributes in replica gun stores is made of zamak, a zinc alloy with aluminum, magnesium and copper, a metal of great hardness and tensile strength.

The stock is made of plastic and simulates real wood. Its mechanism is very functional, like that of most collector's replica guns. However, what most attracts collectors is that it incorporates a chamber where bullets , also manufactured by Kolser, can be inserted.

These bullets are adapted so a primer may be applied to them. The mechanism burns it, simulating a real shot. When triggered, the bullet is ejected and a new one is loaded. The sound is astonishing and smoke even comes out. The larger Winchester X series models have a chamber with a capacity for 6 bullets. Why wait to expand your collection with one of our rifles??

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