Why is Conan's sword a mythical weapon?

The , Conan's sword represents one of the main symbols of this fictional character. It is still very popular with all kinds of audiences, thanks to its appearances in comics and movies.

Conan, the Barbarian

The story of Conan is set after the sinking of Atlantis, the mythical continent. A man with a huge, muscular build, he was born on a battlefield, the son of a blacksmith. From a very young age, he participated in various raids, including Venarium, a fortress built by the Aquilonians.

After that, he joined the band of the Aesir. A vision given to him by a sorcerer made him see that sooner rather than later he would be crowned king. After crossing all the nations of the Hyborian Age, he was attacked by a pirate ship while sailing on the high seas, where he met his future wife, the Shemite, Bêlit. Together they became pirates involved in multiple raids.

The character of Conan became popular with the 1982 movie, called ‘Conan the Barbarian’. Since then, he has been depicted in various works.

Conan’s sword

The Conan's mythical sword is also known as the Atlantean sword. It is completely handcrafted and made of stainless steel. It is an exact replica of the one featured in the movie.

It has played a fundamental role in this character’s life, allowing him to emerge victorious in his various combats, starting with his plundering of several tribes, up to the moment when he becomes a pirate.

In conclusion , Conan's sword remains the main companion of this fictional character that is still very popular almost half a century later. You will find this and other replica weapons here.

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