Réplica de pistola daga kolser

Rediscovering the Dagger Pistol

The dagger pistol is undoubtedly one of the most curious weapons in history. It is a hybrid that, at the time, was very popular and well appreciated among users. Here, we’ll tell you its peculiar history and unique characteristics.

What is a dagger pistol? History and features

A dagger pistol is a hybrid weapon consisting of two elements. The first of these is a dagger, i.e., a short, flat-bladed, sharp-edged weapon. It is located halfway between the sword (two thirds shorter) and the short dagger (twice as long). The other part is what was known in Spain and other Spanish speaking countries as acachorrillo or a small pistol. They are also called pocket pistols.

The origin of the dagger pistol is unclear. However, it most likely dates back to 17th and 18th century France. That was the country where this type of bladed weapon became most popular.

The gun barrel was attached to the handle and to one side of the steel blade. The trigger was located under it. It was only capable of holding a single bullet and its configuration made it very difficult to cock. That is the reason why its use was quite limited and why few original pieces exist today.

Replicas of military and historical weapons

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