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Red Dead Redemption II: What Weapons Will We Find?

The Wild West is the setting for the popular video game Red Dead Redemption II. Developed by Rockstar, it features a first and third-person perspective and offers the possibility of playing in single or multiplayer mode in an open world Western setting with video game weapons..

Weapons featured in Red Dead Redemption II

Throughout the game, we can get our hands on a large number of options. Our character can carry up to four weapons, which are distributed as two short and two long guns.

  • Revolver: This a classic of the Wild West and the first weapon that we will obtain, specifically the Cattleman model. We can get the double action or the Schofield. There are also special models like the Calloway, Otis Miller, Flaco, Granger, Algeron or Micah.
  • Flintlock: They reload somewhat faster than revolvers. We have the Volcanicsemi-automatic and Mauser models. Among the specials models, you can get the Midnight.
  • Rifles : Here we enter the long gun territory. In this case, there are three models: Varmint, Springfield and bolt-action.
  • Repeating firearms: One of the most valued and a must-have in our arsenal. The repeating carbine is king, but we can opt for the Lancaster or the Litchfield.
  • Shotguns: A classic that is perfect for small spaces. It can be double-barreled, sawed-off, sliding, semi-automatic or repeating. The exotic shotgun is the special option.
  • Precision rifle: For long distances, we can carry a Carcano or a Rolling Block.

In addition to firearms, we may also find a bow or a great variety of knives, machetes or swords.

Replicas of antique Western weapons

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