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Splendid replica of a Winchester Long Range 1892, 108 cm carbine rifle, similar to the real thing.

This rifle, measuring 108 cm from the butt to the tip of the muzzle, is made of metal and its butt is made of quality polystyrene wood that perfectly simulates wood in terms of touch and density alike, making it extremely realistic.

This replica made by Kolseris almost exactly like the original, since it incorporates a functional mechanism and a reloadable inner chamber that can hold up to 6 imitation bullets adapted for percussion caps.

The new Kolser X-Series rifle is equipped with an innovative bullet ejection system that makes the triggering experience even more realistic. Unique in the market.

The 1892 USA Long Range rifle has its place in history for its important role in the 1892 Homestead Strike, one of the deadliest labor-management conflicts in the history of the USA, which is why this rifle is a must-have in your collection.

108 cm

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