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Experience history and innovation with the 108 cm Kolser replica of the Winchester Long Range 1892, a tribute to the legendary rifle that marked a turning point in armament history. With impressive quality and realism, this carbine is essential for any collector.

The splendid replica of the Winchester Long Range 1892, offered by Kolser, is a faithful recreation of the carbine that played a crucial role in the history of the United States. Measuring 108 cm in length, this replica not only emulates the appearance of the original rifle but also reproduces the tactile feel and density thanks to its stock made of polystyrene wood quality, a material that perfectly simulates wood.

Este modelo destaca en el mercado por su mecanismo funcional y recámara interior recargable, capaz de alojar hasta 6 imitaciones de balas adaptadas para fulminantes, proporcionando así una experiencia de usuario sumamente realista. La inclusión de un sistema de expulsión de balas, una innovación de la Serie X de Kolser, añade un grado de realismo y autenticidad que los aficionados al tiro y coleccionistas valorarán altamente.

The Winchester Long Range 1892 is not just a piece of advanced engineering, it is also an object with a rich history. It played a major role in the labor rebellion of 1892, one of the most significant uprisings in the labor history of the United States, giving this weapon a legendary place in the historical narrative. Its impact and relevance in those events make this replica a must-have acquisition for those who appreciate not only the art of gunsmithing but also American history.

With its meticulous construction and fidelity to the original design, the Kolser replica of the Winchester Long Range 1892 establishes itself as an impressive collector's item. Its authenticity, quality, and historical significance offer a unique opportunity to own a piece of history, perfect for collectors, historians, and Old West enthusiasts. This carbine is not just a weapon; it's a testament to technological evolution and a symbol of transformative moments in the history of the United States.