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Replica Colt Pocket Revolver USA 1873, 45 caliber.

This Kolser replica is made of metal with different finishes such as brass, antique metal, nickel plating and polishing that are achieved through manual processes.

It is 19 cm long and has a size of 13 cm.

The grip panels of this replica are made of real wood or high-quality imitation ivory resin to make it easier to grip and mimic the weight of an authentic Colt 45 Pocket.

Kolser replicas are characterized by the realistic experience of the functional mechanism and the reloadable rotating barrel chamber for Kolser bullets adapted for percussion caps.

What’s more this spectacular piececomes with 6 bullets and an elegant collector's box.

The history of the Colt Single Action Army


Colt 45 kolser pieces

*It is not recommended to disassemble it

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