Rifles, Western

The first “rifle” originated in China, thanks to the invention of gunpowder in 1200 AD. This primitive rifle is considered the first development of a handgun. This “rifle” is considered the first development of a handgun. It lied in a manual cannon made out of bamboo cane. Where they created a hole at one end, to introduce the gunpowder and use it as a cannon, and another smaller hole through which the wick was lit.


From this point on, the development of the rifles was based on improving the Asian device. It must be taken into account that in the past each weapon was made by hand, so there were no copies for the same type of weapon. They could vary in weight, size and caliber, in addition to the fact that the screws used were also different from one and another.


As time passed, this hand cannon became an arquebus, then a musket, and finally a rifle.


Faithful reproductions of classic American Wild West weapons, Kolser’s rifles are unique in their functional mechanism, reloadable chamber, and bullet ejection system.


All our rifles include bullets adapted for percussion caps.