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The revolver was invented in the early 19th century, but it wasn’t until years later that Samuel Colt reinvented the weapon. It is said Colt’s prototype was based on a ship’s ratchet to create the great innovation of the revolver, the cylinder.

That small rotating cylinder left behind the arduous task of reloading a gunpowder weapon, avoiding having to put the powder into the barrel, followed by the bullet.

The loaded bullets were left in the cylinder, which, once shot, turned a little to leave the revolver ready for another shot.

The American founded the 'Paterson Arms Manufacturing Company'; registering a patent for the weapon and trying to commercialize it. In 1842, Colt was forced to close the company due to the high cost of the revolver, since it was manufactured by hand.


It wasn’t until 1847 when the Texas Rangers ordered 1,000 units from Samuel Colt, offering him the opportunity to re-open the company. This time Colt created the 'Colt’s Firearms Company’ and rented the appropriate machinery. That way he was able to mass-produce revolvers, which led to a more affordable price and immediate success.

As the years passed, Colt devised improvements to its revolvers such as cartridges with powder and bullet all in one, and safety systems to prevent accidental firing.


Kolser’s revolvers are faithful reproductions of the classic pistols of the American Old West.