Flintlock, Flintlock



The Kolser pistol replica catalog contains the most representative vintage pistol models in history, imitating the Flint mechanism of the originals.

Here you will find everything from pirate pistols seen in the waters of the Caribbean, to pistol-daggers used by the military in times of yesteryear in the French navy.

Due to the metallic materials and high-quality polystyrene from which the replicas are made, combined with a design that features almost exact measurements, our pieces are very realistic.

Operation of the Flint Mechanism

A flint pistol is a type of firearm that uses a flint as the ignition mechanism to fire ammunition. Flint is a type of stone that produces sparks when rubbed against metal.

In early flint pistols, the flint was housed in the breech chamber of the gun and rubbed against a piece of metal, called a serpent, to produce sparks that ignited the powder in cartridge and fired the projectile.

These pistols were common in colonial times and were used primarily for hunting and self-defense.

Flint pistols are rare today, and have been replaced by more modern and safer firearms.


Blunderbuss were used in the late 18th century and early 19th century. They consisted of large-caliber muzzleloaders, with the barrel end flared; and are considered the predecessors of the shotgun.

It is believed that it was invented by Heinrich Thielman, a German gentleman, with the intention of repelling boarding ships.

Given its proximity to England, the blunderbuss could also be seen in that country during the Civil War.

Its function was basically to wipe out a number of attackers with a single shot at close range.

Due to its low precision, the blunderbuss was used to shoot multiple targets. During combat, the weapon was highly inaccurate and rarely hit a specific target.

It is known that in English, people use the word Blunderbuss to designate a “fool or clumsy person”

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