Coats, Panoplias



The Kolser ‘Coats of Arms’ collection contains a wide variety of items made of metal and wood, whose aged finishes add realism to each piece.

Kolser has compiled this collection based on the most important pieces of heraldry throughout history, providing each collection of arms with a significant value that differentiates and characterizes it.

Delve into this fascinating world at the hands of Kolser. Live its history with this wonderful collection!

Heraldry is the study of the symbols used in coats of arms, a system of identification and symbolization of families and institutions through the use of insignia or shields. Coats of arms began to be used in the Middle Ages to distinguish one person from another, for example, on the battlefield.

This science is based on observations of the shape of the shield, the field and partitions that it has, the enamels used, the figures that appear, the exterior ornaments that the shield presents, and the way of emblazoning to find out the history of the coat of arms.

Thanks to this observation of the heraldic representations, it can be deduced that there has not been a uniform model of shield in any country or time.

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