Pistols and Revolvers of the Wild West

The pistols and revolvers used by cowboys, outlaws, sheriffs and bandits in the Wild West are already part of our cultural heritage, due to the large number of movies and novels set in this period, which we have all had the opportunity to see or read at some point.

High Noon, with Gary Cooper, Winchester 73, directed by the iconic Anthony Mann or Killer, adios all perfectly illustrate this phenomenon.

What pistols and revolvers did cowboys use?

There are several models of Western pistols that acquired great fame and, in fact, have become real treasures for collectors of antique replica guns. These were the 5 most popular in the Old West:

  1. Colt Single Action Army (SSA), 1873 modell. Also known as “The Peacemaker”, it is the revolver that we have seen most often on the big screen. A .45 caliber gun, its reliability, light weight and maneuverability led to its enormous popularity.
  2. Winchester, 1873 model. This is a rifle that quickly became a symbol of cowboys everywhere. It used the same cartridges as the aforementioned Colt, both featured prominently in countless movie productions. At Kolser, we have several replica firearms of the 1892 model, which was also widely used.
  3. Derringer. A pocket weapon that could be easily concealed under a sleeve and was used by heroines and outlaws. It was featured in the American series The Wild Wild West (1965).
  4. Spencer carabine. Very reliable under combat conditions, this short rifle was mainly carried by cavalrymen.
  5. Smith & Wesson Schofield. The first revolver with metallic .45 caliber cartridges was a favorite of outlaws like Billy the Kid and Jesse James.

In Kolser disponemos de réplicas de algunas de estas pistols and revolvers que conquistaron el Salvaje Oeste. ¡Echa un vistazo a nuestro catálogo!

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