Pistols and Revolvers of the Wild West

The pistols and revolvers used by cowboys, outlaws, Sheriffs and bandits during the Wild West are already part of our cultural heritage. We all have seen or read a series of movies and novels set during the Wild West period.

High Noon, with Gary Cooper, Winchester 73, directed by the iconic Anthony Mann or Killer, adios all perfectly illustrate this phenomenon.

What pistols and revolvers did the Cowboys use?

There are several models of Western pistols which acquired great fame. In fact, some guns have become treasures for antique replica gun collectors. These were the 5th most popular guns in the Old West.

  1. Colt Single Action Army (SSA), 1873 model. Also known as ' The Peacemaker' is the most-seen revolver on the big screen. Its reliability, lightweight, and maneuverability led to its enormous popularity.

The Colt SAA 1873 Model is a single-action revolver that was produced by Colt’s Manufacturing Company. It was designed for the U.S. government service revolver trials of 1872 by Colt and was adopted as the standard military service revolver until 1892.

The Colt Single Action Army 1873 Model was one of the most popular firearms of the American West. It was widely used by law enforcement, the military, and civilians, and is still popular today with collectors and shooters. ' The Peacemaker was chambered in a variety of calibers, including .45 Colt, .44-40 Winchester, and .38-40 Winchester. It was made in several barrel lengths, including 4-3/3 inches, 5-1/2 inches, and 7-1/2 inches. The Colt SAA 1873 Model features a single action mechanism, where the hammer must be manually cocked before each shot can be fired. It has a six-round capacity and was typically made with a blue finish and a walnut grip.

2. Winchester, 1873 model. This rifle quickly became a symbol for the Cowboys. It used the same cartridges as the aforementioned Colt, both featured prominently in countless movie productions. The Winchester Model 1873 was a lever-action rifle produced by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company.

It was one of the most popular rifles of the American West and was known as ' The Gun that Won the West.' The Winchester Model 1873 was chambered in a variety of calibers, including .44-40 Winchester, -38-40 Winchester, and .32-20 Winchester.

It was made with a variety of barrel lengths and had a capacity of up to 15 rounds, depending on the caliber and configuration.

This model was known for its reliability and versatility, and it was widely used by law enforcement and the military during the Wild West period.

This Winchester rifle was the first Winchester rifle to be chambered in a cartridge that was also used in a handgun, which made it a convenient choice for those who carried both, a rifle and a revolver.

3. DerringerA derringer is a small, compact handgun that is characterized by its barrel or barrels that hinge downward to allow loading and unloading. A pocket weapon that could be easily concealed under a sleeve and was used by heroines and outlaws..

It is named after Henry Deringer, who is credited with popularizing the design in the early 19th century.

Derringers are typically single-shot weapons, although some models have multiple barrels that can be fired consecutively. They are usually chambered in small calibers, such as .22 LR or .38 Special, and have a very short barrel length, typically less than 4 inches. Derringers are often made with a break-open design, where the barrels hinge downward to allow loading and unloading, and they are typically loaded with loose cartridges rather than a magazine.

Some derringers are made with a fixed barrel and a sliding breech block that allows the weapon to be loaded and unloaded.

Derringers have a reputation for being unreliable and prone to misfires, due to their small size and short barrels, which can make them difficult to shoot accurately. They are generally not considered suitable for self-defense or target shooting, but they can be effective at close range in emergency situations.

4. Spencer carabineThe Spencer carabine is a type of lever-action repeating rifle that was developed by Christopher Spencer in the 1860s. It was widely used by Union forces during the American Civil War and was known for its rapid-fire capabilities.

The Spencer carabine used a unique system where the breech was opened by pulling the operating lever to the rear and then pushing it forward again to chamber a new cartridge. This allowed the rifle to be reloaded quickly, making it an effective weapon in close-quarters combat.

This carabine was chambered in .52 caliber and had a seven-round magazine that was loaded with metallic cartridges. It had a barrel length of 22 inches and an overall length of 37 inches. It was made with a blued finish and a walnut stock.

The Spencer carabine was adopted by the U.S. Army in 1864 and was used by cavalry units during the Civil War. It was also used by other military and law enforcement agencies, as well as civilians, in the post-war period.

The Spencer carabine was not without its flaws, however. It had a tendency to jam when the magazine was not kept clean, and the metallic cartridges were prone to misfires.

Despite the issues, the Spencer carabine was an important innovation in firearms technology and played a significant role in the American Civil War. It is still popular with collectors and shooters today.

5. Smith & Wesson Schofield. It was the first revolver with metallic .45 caliber cartridges and had a six-round capacity. It was made with a blued finish and a walnut grip, and it featured a distinctive top-break design that allowed the barrel and cylinder to be swung open for loading and unloading.

The Smith & Wesson Schofield is a top-break revolver that was designed by Major George W. Schofield in the 1870s. It was produced by Smith & Wesson company, and was used by the U.S. Army, as well as other military and law enforcement agencies, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

The Schofield revolver was known for its reliability and durability, and it was widely used by military and law enforcement personnel in the American West.

It was also popular with civilians and was used by many famous figures of the era, including Wyatt Earp and “Wild Bill” Hickok.

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