Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean: What pistols did they use?

You’re sure to have seen Pirates of the Caribbean, but did you notice Jack Sparrow’s firearms? Los ? The revolvers used by Captain Sparrow in the movie saga came from the Mediterranean island of Menorca. Did you know that? The pirates used their pistols to defend themselves, rob, steal, rip nets... They used their firearms for endless purposes.

Jack Sparrow, a pirate to be reckoned with

During the movie, Jack Sparrow could be seen with several firearms such as the following:

  • The 50-caliber English Flintlock was used to fire his last shot against the treacherous Captain Barbossa in The Curse of the Black Pearl..
  • The Flintlock Pistol, used in the same movie, is the firearm carried by Johnny Depp to shoot in different sequences. In the scene with the actress Keira Knightley, Captain Jack Sparrow is seen holding it.
  • Tower Sea Service Pistol. This is the one used by Captain James Norrington in the final battle.
  • Spanish Miquelet flintlock pistol. Captain Héctor Barbossa uses this firearm, which was made in Spain.
  • French flintlock cavalry pistol. It can be seen in the scene where Anamaria points the French cavalry pistol at Elizabeth.
  • Double-barreled flintlock pistol. Pirate Pintel can be seen using it throughout the movie.

When did pirates shoot with firearms like Jack Sparrow’s?

Pirates put a limit on close combat, and they used both swords and firearms, such as blunderbusses, muskets, arquebuses, or canons. They approached enemy ships while firing from their own vessel.

The bladed weapon they used the most was the sword, including versions such as daggers, cutlasses and machetes, which were useful for assaulting and fighting on the ship.

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