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Napoleon Pistol: What Are Its Features?

The Napoleon's pistol is an item that has a long history behind it. In fact, Napoleon I expressly ordered this weapon from Jean-Baptiste Gribeauval in 1806. Created in the city of St. Ettiene, it is one of the most iconic models among antique pistols. Therefore, the desire to have it on the part of collectors is also very great.

How to recognize a Napoleon pistol

This this pistol, like so many others that are named historic because they have been in the hands of great historical figures, has a series of rather peculiar characteristics . What's more, it is thanks to these characteristics that it is possible to know if it is really Napoleon's authentic pistol. These are some of its features.

Weight and size

It weighs about 750 grams, while it reaches 35 centimeters in length. It is also catalogued as one of the most valuable and iconic weapons of its entire period, between the 16th and 19th centuries.

Handgrip shield

On the lower part of the weapon, where it is held with the support hand, the symbol that referred to the Reign of Napoleon can be seen. It also has an N surrounded by a wreath of leaves and another wreath, this one of royalty, at the top.

Made of wood and metal

It has wooden and metal parts, which were the most common materials used at that time. The structure of the gun itself is made of carved wood and the mechanism of the gun has a gray color, typical of a metal that is also very well cared for. The action mechanism of the gun, also known as the trigger, is gold colored.

In short, Napoleon I commissioned this weapon to fight for and defend the Republic of France. And all these details make it a unique pistol, which is available, as a replica, from Kolser.