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Five pistols in cinema that you should know about

On the big screen, we can see a lot of movie pistols. some firearms are even just as much of a protagonist as the actor, telling a story throughout the movie. Here’s a list of the most famous weapons in cinema.

The most famous pistols in cinema

If you like film noir and cowboyfilms, keep reading to discover the 5 most popular pistols in cinema.

357 Colt Magnum

The 357 Colt Magnum pistol was made popular in the film “Dirty Harry”. It’s a double-action calibrated revolver with a powerful cartridge, characterized by its precision and smooth trigger action.

Star Model X

The Star Model X tiene un diseño único y es semiautomática. Fue fabricada en Eibar, España. Es el tipo de arma que utiliza Samuel L. Jackson en la película Pulp Fiction.

Walther PPK

This this pistol is famous for being the most often used in the James Bond films. It is a semi-automatic pistol with a cartridge that prevents potential misfires.

Beretta 92F

This gun was popularized in the Mel Gibson film, “Lethal Weapon”. It’s mainly remembered for the scene in which the protagonist fires at a sniper.


This gun is used by Buffalo Bill. It is a light revolver created by a company that currently deals in the manufacturing of bicycles. It’s the revolver that Buffalo Bill used in real life, which is why it was chosen for the film.

This is our selection of the most famous movie pistols throughout history. Gun lovers are sure to keep them in mind. That’s why, at Kolser , we carry all these replicas for the best collectors.

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