Do You Know the Rules of Ancient Duels?

Despite the differences we may find in various periods of history, the rules of a duel to the death still share some essential characteristics. So, in this post t, we’ll cover some interesting facts about classic duels to the death. .

Most frequent rules in duels with pistols

' duels in history could be a matter of honor or entertainment for the upper ranks of society. They were carried out with a European dueling sword and, from the 17th century on, with a pistol . At that time, life had little value when compared to the defense of one's pride and honor. In many cases, the law did nothing to repair the damage caused by insults, slander or even misunderstood jokes. The only response was a duel to the death..

Counting paces and firing

For this type of duel, the opponents had to stand back to back. From that starting point, they both had to walk an agreed upon number of paces or steps.

Finally, they would both turn to face each other and fire. In fact, one of the anecdotes is that the number of paces was directly related to the offense. The more serious the offense, the fewer steps were taken. In other cases, it was the men standing as “seconds” for each opponent who marked the starting point of the duel.

Alternate shots or a whistle

When a signal was given, usually a whistle, the men dueling to the death could turn and shoot. In other circumstances, shots were fired alternately by each of the parties, starting with the offended party.

In conclusion, throughout history, rules of a duel to the death that were respected as an agreement between gentlemen. Visit our website and you’ll find a wide variety of antique guns with a simulated firing mechanism.

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