3 Réplicas de revolver thunderer kolser

Colt Thunderer: Kolser’s Newest Exclusive Replica

A Colt Thunderer is a model based on the M1877 double action revolver that was designed by William Mason in the United States in 1877. It’s a .41 caliber gun. This model had an ammunition capacity of up to six rounds.

Thunderer: Kolser’s newest exclusive replica

Kolser has the most realistic replicas of antique weapons available on the market. And within the Western Revolvers category, the Colt Thunderer is available in the store and is one of our latest additions.

Despite the fact that the revolver was created almost a century and a half ago, Kolser has set out to make the Thunderer very representative and faithful to the original firearm.

Features of the Colt Thunderer

This replica features heavy-duty resin grips containing a rotating barrel and a reloadable chamber. Kolser's characteristic functional mechanism further complements the weapon's realism.

Kolser’s newest product stands out for its great aesthetic beauty. It features a brass and aged gray color, with shiny nickel plating and the classic black that distinguishes this wonderful replica.

The gun is 25.5 cm long. This classic weapon is available in several colors. Its innovative metal finishes are very unique, which make it very faithful to the original and give it a premium and exclusive feel.

The Thunderer includes an elegant case to store the replica and has a total of six bullets.

Our weapon reproductions are highly faithful to the original. Offering commitment and quality since 1965. From the beginning, we have worked in a handcrafted way, starting with reproductions of decorative daggers, knives and heraldic shields. Over the years, we have incorporated replica firearms with a simulated firing mechanism and the Colt Thunderer is our latest addition. Contact us for any questions or suggestions.