Cadets’ swords

The cadet sword has been one of the essential weapons throughout history. That’s why in this article some of the principal, most-demanded models of recent years will be examined.

The most characteristic models

Throughout history, and especially in the Medieval era, military figures used cadets’ swords to a great extent. It is for this reason that the most prominent models belong to that era.

The sword of Alfonso X

Alfonso X The Wise was one of the most important kings in the period of the Reconquest . His cadet sword was produced entirely from metal and the hilt is faithful to the medieval style, with a diamond-shaped pommel and two Christian crosses on the point.


Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar is one of the most prominent figures of the Middle Ages in Spain . Popular poetry collects many of this military figure’s epic tales. It is often said that the Cid Campeador mounted his horse, Babieca, and wielded the Tizona sword.

This blade is very long, with a length of approximately 57 centimeters. It is made completely from metal and is one of the best recalled.

Cadets’ swords at Kolser

On our website we boast a broad catalog of swords that are perfect replicas of the originals. These are some of the more prominent models.

  • The sword of the Duke of Alba, a military figure well known for his battles against the Protestants in the Netherlands. With a circular pommel and produced from metal, it is one of the most distinguished swords..
  • The cast type for cadets’ sword is made purely from metal, and has a length of 55 centimeters.

The cadet sword is one of the most popular weapons from the Middle Ages . We invite you to visit our website and discover our extensive catalog.

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